The Most Common Sports Injuries

Exercising is really good for anyone. However, sometimes you get injuries. Knowing the most common sports injuries may be a perfect way to enlighten you on how to take care of your body when you are injured. They should not scare you since most of them are manageable and you can get back on your feet once you have them.

Common sports injuries

· Swollen muscles

This is one common injury that sports people come across. Those who are beginning on intensive exercise are more likely to get muscle swellings. But as soon as your body gets used to it, you can say goodbye to them.

· Knee injuries

Once in a while, you may fall over and support yourself on knees. Once the knee takes a hit, you can be in real trouble. Such injuries are so painful and may put you down for a while.


· Fractures

These are injuries that scrap your bones. They are from heavy impact either by falling or collision with another person. They are not the kinds you would want to have for they take long to heal.

· Dislocations

Joints are fond of dislocating whenever put under immense pressure. They are pretty painful. The good news is that you can easily deal with them by returning the joint to its normal position.

· Shinbone pain

The shin bone is one of the most vulnerable parts for those who take part in sports that may expose it. It can get knocked either by a blow or an object. You will need some pain relief medication to get rid of it, and it takes time to go away depending on how hard you were hit.

How to best handle sports injuries

Injuries in sports are common. Thus you should know how to deal with them when they come your way. Here are tips on how to deal with sports injuries;

Once you are hurt, stop playing:

Quitting from exercise is the best to go once you are injured. It ensures that whatever treatment you will follow will have perfect conditions for healing.


Rest for as long as it takes to be fit again:

Do not rush your injury. Take time to heal before you are back to action. This prevents you from getting frequent injuries if you get into action before you are well enough.

Seek treatment immediately:

Do not wait once you are injured. The sooner you start treatment, the better the chances of getting well soon.

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