Healing Arts

These flowers essences are categorized as vibrational remedies. Instead of the biochemical matrix of the physiology, this treatment deals with the electromagnetic fields of the anxious. It is in harmony with other alternative medicines which handle the deeper electromagnetic matrices on the system regularly. Flower essences help in bringing a balance of the physique-allowing reflective modifications to take place.

Getting a whiff of or seeing flowers will give you a spiritual healing and calmness. We have witnessed how flowers are used for medicinal design in the cultures and across history. It is amazing these flowers can be grown in your garden. You will get a lot of benefits if you indulge in this beautiful gardening activity. The flowers you can grow in your garden include:


They come in orange and yellow mostly. It is funny the fire colored blooms assists in healing.  You can perfectly treat your wounds and skin burns by using cream created from brightly colored calendulas. This flower is edible which an added advantage. It contains zesty and spicy flavor which will give your salad a start.

Calendulas are grown in a cooler atmosphere. They can be cared for in indoors. But it’s necessary for any plant to require the sun for nourishment. It is advisable to put them where they can get enough shade and sun.


Dandelions are used to cure various diseases from its leaves to roots. Thanks to Mother Nature for this beautiful creation. These flowers leaves are used to cure illness by the ancient people. They are perfect with problems with the gall bladder, skin, and kidneys among many other diseases. Herbalist uses the roots of this flower for detoxification. Amazingly you can use this flower to cure your hangovers. It is very beneficial if you have this flower in your garden.

The dandelions can be grown anywhere as it is very adaptive to its environment. They can thrive in either winter or summer. To grow healthy flowers that can last should be done by draining and preparing a well-fertilized soil.


sfscfscIt comes from some parts of Asia and China. It is used as a traditional healing plant. The lotus roots help in the healing of high blood sugar, diarrhea, and cholesterol problems. It is also used to heal upset tummies.

The lotus flower is romantic and tantalizing even though it grows in the mud. Its flowers and leaves are above the water while the roots are deep into the mud.